Seeds and bulbs: Grow your own!

If you want to live the good life and grow your own, we have a huge selection of seeds and bulbs so you can start to produce your own flowers, beans and vegetables.

There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down to enjoy a meal that you have not only cooked yourself, but grown yourself!

Growing your own is more popular than ever before because it saves money and is a satisfying and fulfilling part of gardening, producing an end result that all the family can enjoy. As a family run business we understand the rewards that growing your own can bring and have been supplying quality seeds and bulbs for over 30 years.


Getting started

From your kitchen windowsill to your garden or an allotment, we can help to get you started on your Grow Your Own journey. We offer expert advice on when, how and what to grow so that you can get the very best from your seeds and bulbs.




Why grow your own?

Growing your own is the most cost-effective way to ensure you are eating the most nutritious products. Freshly grown fruit and vegetables, straight from the garden, contain the maximum vitamins and minerals so you can enjoy healthy living while being kind to the purse strings.




Our product range

From vegetable seeds including courgette, aubergine and beetroot to pea and bean seeds, we have a huge and vast selection from which you will ultimately be creating mouth-watering dishes. Our pea and bean seeds include a wide selection of runner and broad beans to suit all taste buds. You can also get the children involved with our fun 'eat me' plants that they can grow themselves.



Our home delivery or click and collect service means you can get started straightaway with your grow your own adventure.